The Corner Country

Outback Australia

Welcome to The Corner Country - Outback Australia, one of the most popular travel regions of Australia encompassing the outbacks of New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia.

The 'Corner' refers to Cameron Corner, the geographical point where the three states meet and an iconic destination for the modern-day outback explorer. While not a precisely defined area, it is bounded by the Darling River in the south, the Simpson Desert in the west, and Charleville & Windorah in the northeast.

There is so much to do in the Corner Country; Tibooburra is the main base for many while exploring the Corner, while Milparinka provides a 'look back in time' experience. 

Anyone who travels through the Corner Country will understand the deep historical and cultural connections or the region; with experiences of Indigenous heritage and culture, pastoral history, ethereal landscapes, iconic outback towns and legendary characters. It is just one of those places.

Wherever I go in the bush I always find my way back and always come out at the place where I want to go” Alfred Howitt, 13 September 1859

Food, Fuel and Emergency Services

Outback NSW is very well serviced by food and fuel outlets as well as emergency services but the Corner Country is more remote so good planning is the key to safe outback travel.

The following downloadable file highlights what is available in the Corner Country; download, and even print a copy, as a ready reckoner.